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  • Main singer: WaWa、Matzka、Binghui Li、Chang & Lee
    Taiko Electro Company、Pia

  • 青春頭獎:麗星郵輪 二名
    黃o瑄 0978******  身份證後四碼2075
    林o民 0933******  身份證後四碼1572 

    徐o閔 0934****** 身份證後四碼 5874
    陳o全 0935****** 身份證後四碼 4415
    林o華 0911****** 身份證後四碼 2583
    趙o慧 0916****** 身份證後四碼 4125
    王o品 0985****** 身份證後四碼 0884


  • Traffic Information
    1. Take to Beimen Station and walk westward for 5 mins along the Civic Blvd to the entrance of Watergate No.3
    2. Take to Daqiaotou Station and...

  • In honor of the grand finale of Sound from the River 2017, the Department of Information and Tourism, Taipei City Government, is hosting the Fireworks Show on the Yanping Riverside Park on Saturday, August 26th. Spectacular fireworks will be displayed in the Dadaocheng Wharf area starting at approximately 20:20 p.m. and lasting for 600 seconds with the remix of classic love songs. Entertainment will be continuous throughout the day, from 15:00 p.m. to 21:00 p.m., with festivities of marketplace, food stalls, and mini food trucks.

  • Romance to Remember: Love and Pleasant Music at Guting Riverside Park To gain momentum of the coming event, “Lover’s Day at Dadaocheng”, Department of Information and Tourism (Taipei City) will be launching an activity of the Instant Camera @ Riverside this Saturday, August 12th. Everyone can participate by taking a selfie with the Bottle Post sign in front of the landmark bell tower. The Information Desk will help to print out the picture as instant photos as souvenirs for the first 99 participants.

  • We believe there is a unique story behind each beautiful song that can only be told by singing out loud. Come to the...

  • This weekend, August 5th and 6, groups of performers are invited to present campus ballad sings and Taiwanese rock music on the stage of Sounds from the River 2017 at Guting Riverside Park and Dadaocheng Wharf. Each of the performances canceled because of typhoon on July 29th will be joining the show on Sunday at Dadaocheng Wharf to rock everyone. Still got no plan for this weekend? Come to the riverside and get ready to be amused by the inspiring melodies.


  • In the world of country music, all you need is a wooden guitar and simple rhyme. Would you join us to memorize the...

  • Because of the anticipated threat of Typhoon Nesat, the event of Sound from the River 2017 on July 29 has been canceled and will be rescheduled. For more information and updates to the event, please visit the website of Department of Information and Tourism (...

  • Taiwanese Songs Rock!