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  • Main singer: WaWa、Matzka、Binghui Li、Chang & Lee
    Taiko Electro Company、Pia

  • 「2017台北河岸音樂季」青春舞曲系列活動本週六(7/22)下午5時在大佳河濱公園熱鬧登場!葉佳修、施孝榮、李明德、傅薇以及阿爆等多組知名歌手,陪你大聲唱出青春回憶。

  • There was a song that goes “Love hurts. Love scars. Love wounds and marks.” One of the best remedies which may help people...

  • Date:
    July 15
    How to join:
    Go to Dadaocheng Watergate No. 5 with the Stamp Collecting Card. You can buy a ferry ticket with 50%...

  • Date:
    July 12 – July 15

    How to join:
    1. Go to shops under the brand of ArtYard including Bookstore 1920s, Tao-Yi-Er, South St. Delight, and Taiwan Bussan. An exclusive writing paper can be required no matter how much the consumption is.
    2. Head to the tent of Information Desk and request an empty bottle of the event.
    3. Fill in details of the sender, receiver, contact phone number, and address on the postal note.
    4. Put the writing letter into the bottle and seal it. Paste the postal note on the packaging of the bottle and return it to the Information Desk.
    5. The Information Center will help to deliver the bottle post. After a year of drifting, each bottle post will be received by Chinese Valentine's Day 2018.

  • The stage, light, and music are all set and ready. Come join us at the riverside as you join a crazy dance club.

  • Feeling too much pressure living in the concrete jungle? Let’s head to the riverside and let the celestial voice from the tribes...

  • Sounds from the River 2017 has invited WaWa, Chang and Lee, and several well-known bands to rock the riverside with their splendid music. To bring more fun to the audience, there will be dance performance brought by Contemporary Chamorro Cultural Dance Company on July 1st at Meiti...

  • There was Elvis Presley in the US and Beatles in the UK. By turning the world onto rock and roll, their power of...